flesh - blood - stone


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A Cause for Concern Ent.
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A Cause for Concern Ent. Earthsplitter gives me the urge to smash some heads and "Drink the blood from their skulls" Favorite track: Earthsplitter.
Matthew Davis
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Matthew Davis Their drummer is a little girl. She's kinda cute. Favorite track: World Serpent.
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Followup to 2013's, "Of Pure Energy and Light".

Recorded by Niko Albanese at Thanasphere Productions in Bloomington, IN.


released December 18, 2014

Niko Albanese - Drums
Todd Clark - Guitar/Vox
Billy Johnson - Bass/Vox



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Track Name: Ritual Binding
Shove my sword in to my gut.
Perfectly aligned with the Sun.
Spell encircles flesh and bone.
Conjuring a mound of stone.

Spill blood. Seal him.

Blood spilled red on sacred ground.
Battle blinding, sight and sound.
Corpses rising, friends and for.
Ancient magic. Will to know.

Flesh. Blood. Stone.
Track Name: Earthsplitter
Baptize me with fire.
Cleanse my soul within.
Dance around the pyre.
Cover me with sin.

Drink the blood from their skulls.
Become the Earthsplitter.
Initiate. Do the dance.
Become the Earthsplitter.

Realize full potential.
Might evoke the end.
Trance enduced, soar higher.
The end of days begin.

Feast on the dead.
Track Name: Arctic Landslide
Struggle and fall as I slip down the mountain.
Run through the snow. Trekking through layers of tundra.

Plains, frozen. Terrain falls.

Arctic landslide crashes.
Covered in snow. Smothered.
Cold white tomb lay before me.
Arctic landslide devours.

Reach for peak. Losing myself in the labyrinth.
Crystalline, unique. Embrace of cold washing over.

Snow covered forever.
Chilling bone eternal.
Track Name: Reptillium
Cold blood. Cold as the scales they call their skin.
Teeth as sharp as the wit of their minds.
Primordial inception of our own kind.
They live below us under the mine.

Creature spawned from the depths of cold, damp Earth.
Shadow looms tall over all of us. Mankind.

Standing seven feet tall. They will defeat us all.
Giant lizards challenge us for our great land.

Join force. Stronger.
Unite. Destroy.

Pull back.
Track Name: Thunderous Sea
Face coated with ocean mist.
Salt and current, engulf the ship.
Waves rising. Impending wreck.
Nails scraping across the deck.

Capsized by the briny curling waves of the thunderous sea.

Seabirds gather. Swirling death.
Gasping, choking. Short of breath.
Horizon fading. Ocean light.
Cold, invading embrace of night.

Ocean graveyard. A tomb for all.
Sunken caskets. Deep ocean's call.

Explanation. Dream explained.
Prophetic vision. Wracked with pain.
Port appearing. Relief in sight.
Storm endearing. Approaching light.
Track Name: Universal Shift
Wasteland. Sunken Earth.
Death awakened. Speak the verse.

Council taken. Serpent awakened.

Guilt known. Hands now tied.
Manifest spirit guide.

Hope for mankind.
Track Name: World Serpent
Rift in time. Vision of the end of life.
Unrelenting beast. Scale plate.
Galaxy vitroil. No faith. Empathy.

Towering serpentine.

Fly through space. Eyes encased.

Snake of filth. Herald of the end of life.
Unrelenting feast. Stone wraith.
Galaxy vitroil. No trace. Empathy.
Track Name: Our God the Snake
Lord of the Earth, of the sky, of all life.

Master of the sky.
Master of all life.

Masses fall before our God the Snake.