Of Pure Energy and Light


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released August 21, 2013



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Track Name: Cut the Throats of Tyranny
On a quest to destroy what they call our Gods.
Foreign flesh to be disposed.
Driven from our homes.

Cut the throats of tyrants.
End the grip of giants.

Earth power.
Begin war march.

Chests of gold, filled to brim
Replaced with common stone.
Offering held up to him.
End result unknown.

From the depths of Earth,
Conjured power.
Face to face.
No escape.
Bow to the Master.

Driven from the stars, I seek your faith.
I dispose your kind.
Below my race.
Give me what is yours.
Your world, I'll take.
Those who cast your lot,
I now forsake.

Cut the throats of tyrants.
Track Name: Stone Prison
From galaxy to galaxy, I have stole the freedom from the innocent.
Mining for my wealth as an offering for my great descent.

Trapped in stone prison.

I'll divide then conquer them.
Initiate global civil war.
Eradicate, annihilate, they'll weaken as they separate.
Divided they will fall.

Wanting to ignore it.
I want to deny.

Trapped in your stone prison for the rest of your life.
Track Name: Eyes Opened
Ancient structure made of stone,
Wrapped in jungle, far from home.
Seek the Master. Shroud in lies.
Dormant evil, our prize.

Mountain precipice tucked away.
Long abandoned, slow decay.
Incantations, archaic rite.
Dagger's hilt. Crimson night.

I can see him through new eyes. Read my mind.

Crumbling prison.
Trapped no more.
Lord ascension.
Blood, the door.
Snakes entangled.
Visitor known.
Reaching out to the throne.

Serpents glowing.
Eyes opened.
Track Name: Woebegone
No matter how light it gets, the sun always seems to set.
Cold as it turns to dawn. Now we wait for tomorrow.

It's no way to live a life.
It's like wanting to live, yet hoping you die.

Steal from our Mother.
Give back to Father.

They say I do this for my soul and tyranny is not their goal.
In their eyes, you will find deceit and lies they hide behind.

Don't speak, just work.
Be still.
Track Name: Snakebeard
Thought it was a dream.
There is no way this is real.
Fallen from the sky in flaming chariots.
A new God claims the earth, of pure energy and light.

Light engross my soul.
My life, my home.

Hope in sight.
He emits the light.
I can't believe my eyes.
We give thanks to you, Snakebeard.

Once an open field.
Peaceful, green, and full of life.
Now becomes the grave of everything that might have been.
Eyes appear to be carved from stone.
The great Snakebeard takes his throne.

Bow to your God of pure energy and light.